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About Us


About VYPE

The VYPE Sports Network is a multimedia sports brand based in Houston, Texas that is dedicated to providing original high school sports content across multiple media platforms.

VSN is home to some of the nation’s largest and most successful high school sports magazines and our network of national and regional websites are among the fastest growing of their kind.

More importantly, VYPE is a celebration.

As an organization VSN aims to celebrate student-athlete accomplishments while providing useful and essential information to parents, fans and the supporting community.

How VSN Works

VSN is committed to capturing the high school sports experience in its purest form. Through our nationwide media network, VSN provides in-depth coverage and real-time content, both in local communities and on a national platform.

Our professional team of independent publishers, reporters, writers and affiliates work together to create a hyperactive sphere of high school sports coverage.

Athletes, coaches, families, students, fans and the community can engage in celebrating high school athletes and their achievements — both on and off the field — across multiple ecosystems.

VSN’s platforms include responsive, geo-optimized sports news websites as well as full color print and digital magazines. The core of the traditional media platform is supplemented by social media, live streaming broadcasts and interactive events, competitions and seminars.

VYPE Brands

VYPE Sports Network is platform for brands to build community relationships with sector exclusive native marketing programs. VYPE is the trusted high school sports media network. In local and national communities, VSN is a part of the conversation, which makes our advertisers part of the conversation. With VYPE you get access to a target audience though sponsorships, editorial and experiential marketing, surveys, seminars, and events. Brands have an unparalleled opportunity to illustrate their expertise to our unique and passionate demographic of high school sports enthusiasts. If you are interested in a media kit, please email

How to join VYPE

When you join VYPE Sports Network, you don’t work for us, you work with us. We believe in independent parties working together to provide a larger scope of content. VYPE promotes growth, while supporting independent publishers in their passion for their product.

When you join VSN, you gain access to the following:

  • Leading digital destination for high school sports content
  • Professional team of publishers, editors, reporters and web-native journalists
  • Network of fan-centric HS sports communities
  • Nationwide sales team — Access to top-shelf advertisers
  • A syndicated reader base with
  • Editorial freedom and control over your site — your teams, your stories
  • Competitive revenue sharing program
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