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#ProtectThisHouse: Memorial's "Swearing Sailors" top hoop student section

Memorial's Swearing Sailors

Playing in front of your family, friends and classmates is an honor for high school varsity athletes.

The home court advantage can really motivate the team to victory and is generally led by the student section.

VYPE went to a Memorial High School men’s basketball game last week to check out the Swearing Sailors, considered the most rowdy student section in Houston.

The Swearing Sailors are a group of students who lead the student section in various chants and cheers, filling the gym with energy. They even bring their own loudspeaker to play music during timeouts and provide some entertainment by playing a pick game of basketball during halftime.

The group is led by the senior "Captains." The Sailors hand-select this prestigious group of leaders from the class above them, continuing their rich tradition.

The Swearing Sailors have a reputation as one of the best student sections in town due to their loud and rambunctious behavior, but have had some controversial moments through the years.

There’s one thing for certain, they love their school and will support their team no matter what. They truly believe that they must #ProtectThisHouse.

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Memorial High School - Basketball
Memorial High School - Basketball
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