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Anthony Peterson-Lockett potential is off the charts

A name you should expect to hear more of in the 2018-19 basketball season is Anthony Peterson-Lockett.

Peterson-Lockett is headed into his senior year as a point guard for the Westside Wolves and his potential is through the roof.

With Westside having senior talent this past year, Peterson-Lockett was the ultimate floor general as he played a key role in Westside winning the HISD tournament this past season.

“The mindset of not letting anyone out work me by using hardwork, hustle, and heart is what makes me so good at basketball,” Peterson-Lockett said.

Last season, Peterson-Lockett averaged 11 points, 5 assist, and 2 rebounds.

Now that he’ll be a senior and taking on more responsibility, you can expect those numbers to double or even triple next season.

You can expect the Wolves to repeat as the HISD tournament champs and you can also expect Peterson-Lockett to ball out and land an abundance of college offers.

Don’t forget the name, Anthony Peterson-Lockett.

Anthony Peterson-Lockett, Westside HS guard


VYPE: Who’s had the greatest impact on your career thus far and why?

*Anthony: *“My Dad. Everything I do on and off the court I represent and do it for him.”


VYPE: What’s something your coach always tells you?

*Anthony: *"Stay even kill and don’t get all over the place."


VYPE: If you could play a different sport, what would it be?

*Anthony: *Baseball.


VYPE: What’s your favorite quote and/or bible verse?

*Anthony: *1 Corinthians 16:13: “Be on your guard, stand firm by faith, be courageous be strong.”


VYPE: What’s your dream job?

*Anthony: *My dream job is to be a professional basketball player for the NBA.


VYPE: What’s your favorite hobby?

*Anthony: *My favorite hobby is playing basketball in the gym by myself.


VYPE: What’s your best non-athletic talent?

*Anthony: *Best non-athletic talent Is putting together and fixing things.


VYPE: What’s your biggest fear?

*Anthony: *Biggest Fear are Clowns.


VYPE: Favorite Vacation Spot?

*Anthony: *Dallas.


VYPE: What nickname do you go by?

*Anthony: *Anthoo.


VYPE: Favorite artist and/or song?

*Anthony: *NBA Youngboy- Genie.


VYPE: Favorite brand of shoes?

*Anthony: *Nike.


VYPE: Favorite athlete?

*Anthony: *Kevin Durant.


VYPE: Favorite food or snack?

*Anthony: *Jamaican Oxtails.


VYPE: Favorite subject?

*Anthony: *History.

Westside High School - Basketball
Westside High School - Basketball
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