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Former Bellaire coach now officiates Bellaire lacrosse games

Drew Hewitt may be in black and white when he referees lacrosse games, but deep down on the inside he bleeds Bellaire red.

Before he began wearing the zebra patterned shirt, in the late 80’s Hewitt use to wear Bellaire across his chest as a coach for the team.

Back in the day Hewitt spent a lot of time playing lacrosse on club teams and at the time the only schools in Houston that had lacrosse were Lamar, Bellaire, St. John, Kinkaid, and Episcopal.

The forming of varsity lacrosse teams in the city is what led to Hewitt becoming a coach at Bellaire.

“I spent 10 years over at Bellaire coaching,” Hewitt said. “We won a state championship in ‘96 and in ’94 we lost to Austin High School. We’ve had a legacy built for some pretty good lacrosse through the years.”

Now that Hewitt is no longer coaching Bellaire, he gets to watch them from the sideline, but he doesn’t watch as a fan, he watches as a referee.

In Bellaire’s latest game against big-time rival Lamar, Hewitt was recognized before the game for his contribution to Bellaire lacrosse.

Drew Hewitt, former Bellaire lacrosse coach

When the game started, Hewitt was seen running up and down the field making calls as if it were just another game.

“It’s great and fun,” Hewitt said about refereeing Bellaire games. “The players don’t know me, but I still talk to them and ask them ‘do you know we’ve won state championships?’.

“It’s fun seeing the kids and how athletic they are,” Hewitt continued. “I think the kids are a lot better than we were back in the day.”

When Hewitt was asked if it were a conflict of interest with officiating Bellaire’s games, he laughed saying, “I try to help them out a little bit.”

No worries – Hewitt was JOKING when he said that.

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