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Fort Bend ISD Football Rankings Week 6

Here's the weekly look at the status quo for football teams in Fort Bend ISD. With eleven schools in the playoff hunt some have risen to thew top while others are quickly falling behind.

These rankings are a solely the opinion of VYPE's Fort Bend Reporter Ashton Jeanlewis. The rankings are formed from using quality of play and opponent.

1) Marshall Buffs 6-0(4-0)

Last Game: Marshall Buffs 61-27 Willowridge Eagles

The unquestioned kings of Fort Bend the Marshall Buffs are dominating every game has seen the Buffs score more points than the game before. Almost like they're warming up. Malik Hornsby arrival has made the Buffs a triple threat in the run game with Jerry Davis and Devon Achane they are a steamroller.

The defensive presence of Marshall is defined by one stat, 62 tackles for loss in six games.

2) Ridge Point Panthers 4-1(2-0)

Last Game: Ridge Point Panthers 49-23 Austin Bulldogs

The Panthers have seemingly gone through a metamorphosis becoming a pass first time team as Will Pendergrass has thrown for over ten touchdowns in just five games. The struggles against higher caliber talent have been there, but facts are the Panthers only loss is to a state ranked North Shore. The Panthers will only go as far as the defense can take them, and with one shutout under their belts, three interceptions, and now 13 sacks on the season the defense looks ready for a marathon of a season.

Ridge Point RB Mason McBride runs versus the Austin Bulldogs captured by Bob Calbert Photography

3) Travis Tigers 4-1(2-0)

Last Game: Travis Tigers 54-51 Dulles Vikings

Travis grabbed a key win in a clutch fashion. Caught in a shootout Travis' defense that has admittedly struggled this season saw sophomore corner Cam Oliver snag a game winning interception. Despite another disappointing defensive performance they showed up when the team needed them most. The Tigers are clearly one of Fort Bend's best and their offense makes them prolific. Averaging 45 points per game they lead 20-6A in points scored most coming through the air from Eric Rodriguez to his wide outs Parker Washington, Colin Mushinski and Arjei Henderson.

Travis Tigers quarterback Eric Rodriguez(#11) vs the Dulles Vikings captured by Bob Calbert Photography

4)Dulles Vikings 4-1(1-1)

Last Game: Travis Tigers 54-51 Dulles Vikings

Dulles takes their first loss of the season to #3 Travis losing by a field goal. The Vikings saw silver lining as Cord'dric Walton had his career high in yards and touchdowns in a single game. As quarterback Cameron Peters continues to emerge at the quarterback position Dulles takes another step towards being elite. Despite the Vikings worst defensive performance of the season they are still clearly set up to succeed.

Dulles Vikings vs Travis Tigers captured by Bob Calbert

5 ) Bush Broncos 5-0(2-0)

Last Game: Bush Broncos

Bush is one of two unbeaten teams left in Fort Bend ISD their spot is a product of their opponents. Coming off a 69 point game against Kempner the Broncos haven't faced a team that currently has a winning record. Their shot at the Top 3 in these rankings has arrived as they prepare to play the #2 Ridge Point Panthers in the game of the week in Fort Bend ISD. Sophomore Donte Jones at quarterback who shown dual threat ability but the Broncos offense will be the biggest question mark of this week and we'll get an answer sooner than later.

6) Elkins Knights 4-1(1-1)

Last Game: Elkins Knights 42-7 Clements Rangers

Two weeks removed from their first loss of the season Elkins beating Clements means the Knights surpassed their win total just a win ago. Currently projected to finish outside of the playoff picture the Knights resume to date is not impressive resulting in their spot on this list. With one win over a team above .500 Elkins still has a ton to prove after their early season success.

7) Willowridge Eagles 3-2(2-1)

Last Game: Marshall Buffs 61-27 Willowridge Eagles

Willowridge has clearly improved from last year's squad finding ways to score despite changes on the offensive line. The level of competition in district play has not given an accurate depiction of the Eagles. A subtle marker of their improvement is the 27 points scored in last week's game against #1 Marshall, it's the second most points scored against the Buffs ever in the two teams 14 meetings.

8) Hightower Hurricanes 0-5(0-2)

Last Game:

Winless at the halfway point means the Hurricanes will need a clean sweep to even have a shot at the playoffs. Another loss will mean the Hurricanes register their first losing season in team history.

Hightower Hurricanes Chantz Ceaser(#88) vs BF Terry captured by Bob Calbert Photography

9)Austin Bulldogs 0-5(0-0)

Last Game: Ridge Point Panther 49-23 Austin Bulldogs

The winless record hasn't stopped some great individual performances from the Bulldogs this season Moises Tezzo at running back has captured fans and media's attention. Trey Larsen has stepped his game up finding multiple receivers like AJ Hanse where most quarterbacks would focus on elite wide receiver Troy Omeire. This just isn't the Bulldogs season.

Austin Bulldogs RB Moises Tezzo versus the Ridge Point Panthers captured by Bob Calbert

10) Kempner Cougars 1-4(0-3)

Last Game: Bush Broncos 63-39 Kempner Cougars

Kempner hasn't seen the defensive effort required to rack up wins. Jordan Shelton has had some masterful performances at A-back position for the Kempner veer offense with multiple 300 plus rushing yard games.

11 Clements Rangers 1-4(0-2)

Last Game: Clements Rangers 7-42 Elkins Knights

Clements wide receiver David Kasemervisz is emerging in his varsity football season. He currently sits with 3 touchdowns and second on the team in receiving yards as just a sophomore.

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