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Fort Bend Playbook Preview August 29th 2018

It's game day tomorrow and the Fort Bend Playbook is ready for football to return. Volleyball is in full swing with half the teams in fort bend already in district play hunting for a playoff spot, while others are still facing strong pre-district opponents.

Segment 1

National Headlines

NFL cuts are coming up Friday and some Fort Bend natives drafted and undrafted are close to achieving their dream. Ashton gives an update on a few Fort Bend Alums in the NFL.

Maurice Smith has impressed yet again in the pre-season as he prepares to enter his second season with the Miami Dolphins.

Major League Baseball is about to witness the death of a winning machine. Ashton discusses how the pieces will fall as the roster will more than likely be blown up come seasons end.

Segment 2

Fort Bend Headlines

The fight for playoff spots 24-5A Division II is heating up two games in and some pivotal matches have been played.

Is Fulshear an emerging powerhouse we look at their record so far and see if they have a hint of greatness?

Hightower vs BF Terry captured by Bob Calbert

Segment 3

Ryan Dunsmore of the Fort Bend Herald joins the Fort Bend Herald to discuss non Fort Bend ISD programs and the opening week of games.

Fort Bend Herald reporter Ryan Dunsmore 

Segment 4

Ashton breaks down the three games on the slate for the VYPE Sports Radio schedule.

Listen LIVE from 3-4pm at the LINK BELOW

Austin High School
Bush High School
Clements High School
Dulles High School
Elkins High School
Foster High School
George Ranch High School
Hightower High School
Terry High School
Lamar Cons High School
Manvel High School
Shadow Creek High School
Kempner High School
Ridge Point High School
Travis High School - Tennis
Marshall High School
Willowridge High School
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Austin High School
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