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VERIFIED ATHLETE Feature: Cypress Christian's Collin Tate is a three-sport star

Collin Tate is entering his junior year at Cypress Christian High School. He plays three sports — football, basketball and swimming — but his main focus is on football.

Tate started to play when he was in eighth grade. But, his passion goes deeper. When he was in seventh grade, he was the manager of his middle school football team.

“I started playing and have loved every second of it,” Tate said.

As an athlete, you always need someone to keep your head in the game. His main supporter is his Mom.

She drives him to practices and pushes him to be the best he can be.

Also, good athletes need a good inspiration. Tate’s inspiration are his sisters.

“They remind me to always work my hardest to be a good example for them and everyone that looks up to me,” he said.

Tate wants to explore all the opportunities that come through football.

As for basketball and swimming, he loves those sports as well. But his focus remains on football.

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