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VYPE GOES GAMING: Inside the head of an esports pro

Zach NYX Thomas

The names JJ Watt, James Harden and Jose Altuve are synonymous with Houston sports greatness. They are legends in the “H.”

Ever heard of Zach “NYX” Thomas of the

NYX is a member of the DarkZero professional eSports team. The scouting report on NYX is that he’s the most tenacious player on the organization's Rainbow Six Siege team, which is a game.

To continue VYPE’s esports series, we caught up "NYX" to get inside the head of a professional gamer.

VYPE: What was your favorite game growing up?

NYX: My favorite game as a kid was definitely Prince of Persia.

VYPE: When did you get involved with gaming?

NYX: I have been gaming ever since I was a kid. I have always been a very competitive player. I would say that I started taking gaming serious, and trying to make it my career at 16.

VYPE: What advice do you give young kids who aspire to be a professional gamer?

NYX: Always have a backup plan. I always say to follow your dreams and if you think you have what it takes to be the next pro, then go for it. But understand when to be honest with yourself and use that backup plan to your advantage.

VYPE: What is your biggest motivation?

NYX:The people who doubt me. It gives me more motivation to prove them wrong.

VYPE: What is your professional tip for someone just getting started?

NYX: Just take the game slow. Figure out the basics and work from there.


VYPE: Besides gaming, what else do you like to do for fun?

NYX: I enjoy playing sports of all kinds, as well as hanging out with my teammates.

VYPE: What excites you about the future of esports?

NYX: The competition and grind to always be the best is what excites me the most about esports

Episcopal High School - Volleyball
Episcopal High School - Volleyball
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