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VYPE Q&A: Kingwood Park wrestler Maddie Sandquist

Sandquist with her KPark teammate Reyna Aguilar (Bradley Collier/VYPE)

WHO: Maddie Sandquist, Kingwood Park, Soph.

What: Won the VYPE Replay Poll of the Week - 2018 Preseason Girls Wrestler of the Year


VYPE: How long have you been wrestling and how did you get your start?

I’ve been wrestling almost 2 years, I swam competitively for 5 years and decided I wanted a change. My brother was a wrestler and it looked like fun so I decided to give it a try.

VYPE: What is your favorite part about wrestling?

I like how unpredictable it can be, anyone can beat anyone at any time.

VYPE: In your opinion, what is the most important skill set in your sport?

Mental toughness!

VYPE: What's your pre-match routine? Favorite Pre-match meal?

Peanut Butter/Honey Sandwich with 2 Clementines. I have to have a good warm up & stay loose and have fun before I wrestle.

VYPE: For those who don't know wrestling, describe the most difficult aspect of the sport.

The mental aspect of how long it takes and all the training to truly understand the sport and see moves/positions when you are under pressure and in uncomfortable positions.

VYPE: Favorite subject in school?

Health Science

VYPE: What's on your playlist to get you hyped for a match?

Before a match I mainly end up just listening to my teammates stupid jokes but if not i’ll listen to Disney music because I prefer to be much less intense.

VYPE: Off the mat, what's your favorite thing to do?

Spend time with my friends and family but mostly watch Netflix .

VYPE: If you could go pro in any sport (besides wrestling), what would it be?

Swimming because it’s a very physically demanding yet great sport but mostly they can eat a lot.

VYPE: What is one moment from your wrestling career so far that you'll remember forever?

I’ll never forget winning my first match ever. It was a match during freestyle season and I had lost at least 15 brutal matches in a row until I won my first match ever which also happened to be my last match of that season before rolling into high school.

Kingwood Park High School - Wrestling
Kingwood Park High School - Wrestling
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