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VYPE Q&A: New Caney senior offensive lineman Brayden Mills

WHO: Brayden Mills, New Caney, OL, Senior

What: Won the Come & Take It Offensive Lineman of the Year Poll


VYPE: How long have you been playing football and how did you get your start?

From the very beginning, there was never an option as to whether or not I would play sports. In my family, it was just something that was expected. Both my parents were athletes and sports were always a big part of our lives. I started playing baseball and football as soon as my age was eligible. After two years of little league football we decided I would begin travel baseball which was an all year sport. I didn’t play football again until I was in Jr. High, from that point, I fell back in love with the game and it’s been my dream to play college football ever since.

VYPE: What is your favorite part about the game of football?

Aside from the physicality of the game itself and knowing that in football, every play involves excitement, the life lessons we learn while playing this game are priceless. There are no shortcuts, knowing that if you don’t compete with yourself and improve every day you’ll be the weakest link. That in itself is pressure enough to improve. I’ve been blessed with many coaches who have cared about me and wanted to see us succeed. I can’t thank them enough.

VYPE: In your opinion, what is the most important skill and O-Lineman can have?

Character. Leadership starts with character and if you are lacking that then you can’t be a good leader. Your quarterback and teammates rely on you. If you don’t have the character to be a good leader then your team can’t trust you. If they don’t trust you to protect them, the team can’t grow. “He who thinks he leads but has no followers, is only taking a walk.”

VYPE: What's your pre-game routine? Favorite Pre-game meal?

I take time before every game to be by myself. I walk out onto the field and reflect in what playing the game means to me. Every game could potentially be your last so in those few minutes I take it all in. We have a prayer group that sends prayer cards every week. Whether they know it or not, those cards were comforting and I appreciate each and every one of them. I have kept every card that I’ve received over the past few years. Chick-fil-a was definitely my pre-game meal. I would like to thank them for providing it to our team to eat every Friday before we played.

VYPE: Favorite subject in school?

History. It helps us to understand how the society we live in came to be. To avoid the same mistakes, we must know how they evolved. In today’s society history is almost inevitable to repeat itself. Schools today continue to dictate what they think we should and shouldn’t be taught about our past however, it’s not debatable. The past is the past and no matter how much they try to destroy it, it is what it is and they can’t change that. I truly believe I was born in the wrong decade. The ways of the past were much more relatable. History has become manipulated and I would like to see it taught the way it was intended.

VYPE: What do you plan on majoring in at college?

Kinesiology, I want to continue a path in sports and sports medicine. I would also like to become a coach. The influence in my life that my past coaches have had on me is undeniably one of the greatest things I will take away from high school. There are so many students that need the leadership that I’ve been taught and I would like to continue that roll. If I leave half the impact on someone else that Coach P has left on me, I consider myself blessed and absolutely grateful.

VYPE: Which player on the New Caney squad is the go-to hype man?

Gerome Henry @ThrowItUpTo1 Definitely, Gerome Henry

VYPE: Off the field, what's your favorite thing to do?

I like to spend as much time in the weight room as I can. However, with this being my Senior year I know that come next year I will likely no longer be living at home. I spend time with my family. My parents have sacrificed so much to get me to where I am today, without the support I’ve received from them, I’m not sure where my sports career would have taken me. From the countless hours traveling to play baseball and being at every game for the past 13 years, I can’t thank them enough.

VYPE: Any hidden talents?

I must say, I have some pretty quick reflexes... it’s pretty impressive. On another note, I’m kind of the king of bottle flipping. Yes I’m still a kid at heart..

VYPE: What NFL player do you try to model your game after?

There are so many that come to mind however, when it comes to selflessness J.J. Watt tops them all. I believe that people look at athletes as entertainers, we’re here to play a game and that’s it. J.J. Watt shows that we can be so much more than that. He uses his platform for good, not for personal gain. There’s a lot to be said about that. Another one that comes to mind is Larry Allan. Although I am by no means a Cowboys fan... how can you not respect someone who overcame so much adversity in his life and went on to become one of the strongest players to play in the NFL and inducted into the Hall of Fame.

VYPE: If you could go pro in any sport besides football, what would it be?

Baseball. If you had asked me 6 years ago what I would play when I got to college, I would have without hesitation answered you with baseball. Once I got back to playing football in Jr High though, I knew that was where my heart would rest.

VYPE: What is one moment from your football career so far that you'll remember forever?

This years game against the Wisdom Generals will always have a place in my heart. This team had been through some really tough games throughout the year. We (first team) came out after the first quarter so we were able to watch the game from the sidelines. What we learned during that game will always be something that I remember. We knew that going into the game we had nothing but respect for them, which is something we have for every team we face. After the game when Coach P wanted to talk with their team, it not only showed me the love he has for every student, no matter the team but that football is about so much more than the game, it has the power to bring people, teammates, coaches and families together and on that night, that is exactly what I witnessed.

I would also like to give a shout out to Drake Hebert... that was not an easy win. There were a lot of votes between the two of us and it could have gone either way.

New Caney High School - Football
New Caney High School - Football
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