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Northside's Agustin Ramirez has potential to become a mixed martial arts guru

To call Agustin Ramirez a good fighter would be an understatement. He’s more than good as he’s been dominating the sport since he was five-years-old.

He competes in taekwondo, karate, and as a senior from Northside High School, Ramirez is one of the best wrestlers in Houston ISD.

“I believe what makes me good in my sports is my dedication and will to learn more,” Ramirez said about his success as a fighter. “Ever since my first karate tournament, I won every division as a beginner. I just fell in love with that feeling of winning and seeing that my hard work pays off.”

Offensive Savant

Growing up as a kid, Kung-Fu and Wu-Tang movies are what caught Ramirez' interest in the different fighting sports.

He’s been doing karate for six years, taekwondo for three, and wrestling for two years.

The best way to describe Ramirez fighting style would be to call him an offensive savant since he’s always on the attack in his matches.

“I always want to be the first one to score the point in whatever type of fight it is,” Ramirez said. “Or if I am down by points, I turn into a do or die fighter. In karate I’ll throw a jump spin back kick or a cartwheel to get back up with the extra points. In wrestling, I’ll lock in an inescapable, risky, pin move like the spladle, to make sure I get the win.”

Like Father, Like Son

Ramirez aggressive approach has served him well as he won the state and world tournament for karate last year and now he's wrapping up the summer season with a 7-2 record.

A big reason for Ramirez success is because of his work ethic, but where his work ethic comes from is rooted in Ramirez’s admiration for his father.

“My father has made the biggest impact on my career thus far,” Ramirez said. “Seeing how he gets recognition for his hard work as a metal fabricator and that he’s an entrepreneur who is never satisfied with where he’s at is what makes me want to push harder at my training sessions and become just like him, but in the fighting realm.”

Agustin has a diverse martial arts background 


VYPE: In your opinion, what makes you so good at wrestling/taekwondo?

Ramirez: I believe what makes me good in my sports is my dedication and will to learn more. I’ve been doing karate for 6 years, tae kwon do for 3 years and wrestling for 2 years. I also train with very experienced and tough coaches (Master Roy White, Master Lee Ordonio, Master Tracy Armstead, Coach William Warner, Coach Cory McNinch and Coach Derrick Ageday).


VYPE: Favorite quote and/or bible verse?

Ramirez: “You gotta keep on, keeping on.” - Joe Dirt


VYPE: What’s something your coach always tells you? Ramirez: “Reverse punch is king.” - Master Tracy Armstead


VYPE: If you could play a different sport, what would it be? *Ramirez: *Hockey.


VYPE: What’s your dream job?

*Ramirez: *Having my own dojo. Teaching martial arts and helping build character. Having my own karate, wrestling and boxing team.


VYPE: What’s your favorite hobby?

*Ramirez: *Working out.


VYPE: What’s your best non-athletic talent?

*Ramirez: *Film making, editing and special effects.


VYPE: What’s your biggest fear?

*Ramirez: *Letting others down and not achieving my goals.


VYPE: Favorite Vacation Spot?

*Ramirez: *Las Vegas.


VYPE: What nickname do you go by?

*Ramirez: *Augie.


VYPE: Favorite artist and/or song?

*Ramirez: *XXXTentacion.

VYPE: Favorite brand of shoes?

*Ramirez: *Nike.


VYPE: Favorite athlete?

Ramirez: ‘Super’ Sage Northcutt.


VYPE: Favorite food or snack?

Ramirez: Pizza!


VYPE: Favorite subject?

Ramirez: AV (Audio Visual).

Northside High School - Wrestling
Northside High School - Wrestling
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