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Bridgeland ends season with heartbreaker; Looks forward to offseason with "Big 3" freshman

The Bears ended their inaugural season with a 70-69 loss in overtime at the hands of Cy Park.

Although going 2-0 against Park this year, the Bears felt this loss as they were coming back from a 18-point deficit that began after the Tigers went up 24-6 after only the first quarter.

The Bears were able to tie it up at 64 to bring the game to overtime, but couldn’t pull away.

Bridgeland v. Cy Park in the Bears' last game of the season. (PHOTO: Tommy Yarrish - VYPE U Bridgeland)

Jason Frost went off for another double-double with 26 points and 10 rebounds, and Caleb Ceasar shot well, with 14 points, three rebounds and an assist.

Nate Weeks had an overall great game, with eight points, seven rebounds and four assists. Alex Butler added on five points and five rebounds.

The Bears were put on a tough press yet again, but didn’t struggle as much as before, only turning over the ball eight times. A few crucial missed shots and rebounds at the end is what turned the game around and gave Park the advantage.

“Definitely good to catch up to the speed of the game,” Frost said on the season, “But, we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

“We did alright, not as well as we wanted to,” Weeks added. “We played everybody tough, and we’re gonna get a lot better."

The entire team is looking forward to working hard in the offseason and coming back next year for the varsity level, especially head coach Mitchell Doty.

“I think we got off to a good start,” Doty said. “If you go back and look at a lot of the teams that are brand new, I can name a handful that didn’t get past five wins on a JV schedule.”

Looking to the Future

HC Mitchell Doty and the Bears are looking forward to an offseason to prepare for a varsity campaign. (PHOTO: Tommy Yarrish - VYPE U Bridgeland)

One of the biggest things the Bears will look forward to in the coming offseason is the current freshman class, and the future freshman class, seeing who they think can play on junior varsity and varsity levels in the coming years.

Some players you might see moving up on the teams are Jalon Duncan, Kamren Amao and Collis Whitfield.

Duncan has consistently played well. He has the ability to knock down shots from deep, take contact on the drive to the basket, and make the easy layups.

Amao, although not much of a shooter, has an artillery of moves he uses to get to the basket. His ability to finish in traffic, and get steals and blocks on the defensive end got him a season high of 20 points this season, which you don’t see much in freshman games.

Finally, Whitfield has an all-around playing style that makes him fit perfectly with the play of Duncan and Amao.

Like his teammates, Whitfield is a fantastic finisher, and has a high basketball IQ that allows him to make smart decisions on both ends of the court. He can give you a good shot every once in a while, and once he’s hot, it’s very hard to stop him.

The Bears have a JV team that got off to a great start, and a big three on the freshman team that look ready to play at higher levels. The possibilities are endless for this young Bridgeland team, and everyone’s excited for this offseason.

Tommy Yarrish is a student at Bridgeland HS and a member of the VYPE U Ambassador Program. To learn more about how you can become a VYPE U Ambassador, visit

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