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Jared Alvarez-Lopez helps Cy Ranch force a Game 3

You win some and you lose some but what matters is if you live to fight another day.

That was the case for Cy Ranch coming into the Regional Semi-Finals matchup against Atascocita down 1-0 in the series.

With their backs up against the wall, Cy Ranch lived to fight another day as they won game two, 10-7.

To sum it up the game was a home run contest.

Cy Ranch’s senior infielder Westley Schields hit a home run on the first at-bat of the game. Moments later with two runners on base, Jared Alvarez-Lopez got a base hit that brought two runners across home plate.

That gave Cy Ranch a 3-0 lead to start off the game, but Atascocita’s DJ Taylor got an RBI hit that gave Atascocita their first run of the game. 3-1 was the score after the first inning.

In the second inning Cy Ranch kept the home runs coming. Fabian Mayfield hit a home run to start it off and Schields was still on fire from the last inning as he hit another home run to put Cy Ranch up 5-1.

The two home runs caused Atascocita to switch pitchers; Clayton Young relieved starting pitcher Clay Bradford.

Young came in and got Atascocita two quick outs on a double play to help stop the bleeding.

When Atascocita took over on offense they stormed back.

They had the bases loaded with Julian Rojas at the plate.

He connected on a pitch that seemed catchable, but instead Cy Ranch committed a 3rd base error that resulted in three runners making it across the home plate. 5-4 in favor of Cy Ranch was the score at that point.

No action occurred in the third inning, but in the 4th inning Cy Ranch hit three consecutive batters with the ball which made the bases loaded again. Out the situation Taylor got another RBI hit to tie the game up at 5-5.

For the 5th inning, Cy Ranch decided to switch pitchers; Kyle Gough relieved Matt Thompson.

“We just try to put our pitchers in the best position to be successful,” Corey Cephus, the Cy Ranch baseball coach said. ”We been with these guys for a while and we know how they matchup against certain hitters.”

Switching pitchers seemed like the right move at first as Gough first two outs came through strikeouts, but later in the line up he gave up a RBI-home run to Atascocita’s junior outfielder Clay Bradford.

Atascocita took the lead at 7-5 to end the 5th inning, but their lead was short lived as Cy Ranch scored four runs in the top of the 6th inning.

Two runs were off RBI hits from both Scotty Scott and Colton Owen and the other two runs were a two score home run from junior catcher Alvarez-Lopez.

“We love everything about Jared [Alvarez-Lopez],” Cephus said. “Jared is the guy behind the deck because he’s going to find a way to get the job done. He is the heart and soul, he makes sure everything is rolling and is on point and we are lucky and fortunate to have somebody like Jared.”

Atascocita switched pitchers again but it didn’t help as Cy Ranch got another run in the final inning. Mayfield pushed the lead to 10-7 after another RBI hit.

Game 3 starts at 12noon at Crosby High School.

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