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Little School, Big Dreams: Founders Christian School presents unique athletic opportunities

Founders Christian School is well known for its passionate and successful sports teams, particularly basketball, cross country, and track.

But FCS is not like most Texas high school athletics programs.

FCS is a 1A private school with less than 30 high school students.

The Founders mission statement vows to prepare students to be future Christian leaders equipped to advance God’s truth for God’s glory.

Leadership for high school students often begins in athletics.

Behind the Founders Christian School victories is a dedicated and hard working athletic director who also coaches most sports.

This means not only does he manage the athletic department, but he also goes to every practice, every game, and pretty much anything sports related.

The FCS athletic director is Dan Baker, who joined the team the year the school started in 2011.

Along with his bachelor's degree in Education from East Texas Baptist University, Dan Baker has been coaching for 18 years.

He has coached at one of the largest public high schools in the Houston area all the way down to the smallest private high school in the Houston area.

“I have enjoyed coaching at a smaller school because i get to know a smaller amount of athletes but in a deeper way,” he said.

The FCS boys basketball team. 

Baker has worked hard to build this program, giving students the opportunity to compete in multiple different sports throughout the year.

“I believe playing many different sports is good for students because they are forced to develop different skill sets and train their bodies different ways,” Baker said. “Playing different sports throughout the year also helps athletes not to over train in a specific sport.”

Baker has shown a true love and dedication to his athletes.

“I have loved getting to know the athletes on a more personal level and being about to watch them grow physically but more importantly grow their character,” he said. “I believe that these athletes have grown me just as much if not more than I have grown them.”

Baker’s son, Caleb, is a senior at Founders Christian school and has been playing sports and winning since he was in just 5th grade at Founders.

Caleb’s true love for athletics and dedication to becoming the best version of himself has helped him push through doing three and sometimes four different sports every year. This dedication pushed him to win the TAPPS 1A athlete of the year award on 2018.

Since FCS is such a small school, for a team to be successful everyone has to be in on it.

This means that the same 12 guys you see on the football team are the same 12 guys you see on the basketball team, track team, and any other sport that goes on at Founders.

The athletes are given a unique opportunity in getting to do any sport they would like to, instead of having to just choose one or maybe two.

“I have loved the chance I have been given in being able to play multiple sports because the sports transition into each other and makes me a more well rounded athlete, and opens more doors for my future,” Caleb said.

The Founders sports teams are getting stronger each year with new students coming in to work hard and compete alongside the athletes that have been at Founders for eight years.

For new FCS student Victoria Millican, the closeness of the teams at Founders and the relationships she has built with the other athletes and coaches playing multiple sports is what she loves about the program.

When Founders started off there was just a cross country team. But now FCS has grown to having a variety of different sports.

“I am very excited to see what the Lord holds for the future of the FCS program,” Dan Baker said.

Sara Baker is a student at Founders Christian School and a member of the VYPE U Ambassador Program. To learn more about how you can become a VYPE U Ambassador at your school...


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