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Spring Athletes Named to All-SPC Team

The 2017-2018 school year is winding down, so it's time for postseason honors. The Southwest Preparatory Conference has already released its all-SPC spring honors, so check out the top athletes from baseball, golf, lacrosse, softball, tennis and track!


Oklahoma City Casady (Teddy Jacobsen), Irving Cistercian (Michael Jaquez), Bellaire Episcopal (Peter Geib, Tanner Witt, Antonio Cruz, and Jack Grams), The Episcopal School of Dallas (Adam Bland), Fort Worth Country Day (Turner Symonds and Drew Chilcoat), Addison Greenhill (Jake Webster), Houston Christian (Jake Fritsche and Ethan Abbott), The Woodlands John Cooper (Logan Leax, Evan Minarovic, and Evan Godwin), Houston Kinkaid (Stone Simmons, Jonathan Thomas, and James House), Arlington Oakridge (Nathan Cleveland and Marshall Buss), Austin St. Andrew’s (Jaxon Cady), Houston St. John’s (Jack Ben-Shoshan, Beckett Vine, and Matthew Guyton), Dallas St. Mark’s (Jimmy Rodriguez and Reece Rabin), Austin St. Stephen’s (Jonathan Wilkey) and Fort Worth Trinity Valley (Brock Rodriguez)

Boys’ Golf:

Irving Cistercian (Henry Kirkpatrick), The Woodlands John Cooper (Ben Wong and Chris McDonald), Addison Greenhill (Brock Bagelman), Houston Kinkaid (Cole Hammer, Johnny Butler, Mason Nome and Will Jacobe), Arlington Oakridge (Ben Broadus), Houston St. John’s (Sean O’Neal), Austin St. Stephen’s (Yang Yang), and Fort Worth Trinity Valley (Chris Berzina)

Boys’ Lacrosse:

Bellaire Episcopal (Ford McCann and Noah Dahlberg), The Episcopal School of Dallas (Prescott King, Scott Bower, Andrew Griffin, Patrick Skalniak and Brandon Meaux), Addison Greenhill (Walker Mullen, Alex Rose and Max LaMendola), Houston Christian (Mason Pierotti), Houston Kinkaid (Reese Sullivan, Parker Browne and Jack Nevil), Austin St. Andrew’s (Thompson Renner, Cade Kilbride and Ethan Hanna), Houston St. John’s (Austin Beebe, Brock Cannon and Charles Sampson), Dallas St. Mark’s (Sam Schroeder, Garrett Mize, Blake Rogers and John Gunnin) and Austin St. Stephen’s (Frankin Lassandro and Walker Woo)

Boys’ Tennis:

Oklahoma City Casady (Chris Geiger and Aidan Raikar), Irving Cistercian (Nico Lopez), Bellaire Episcopal (Zack Georgsson), The Episcopal School of Dallas (Matt Jones), Fort Worth Country Day (Westen Mulqueen), Addison Greenhill (Max Motlagh and Rishi Vas), Houston Christian (Kenner Taylor, Jakob Mosvold and Peyton Erck), The Woodlands John Cooper (Wyatt Wright and Savan Khurana), Houston Kinkaid (Woodley Burrow and Rohan Kumar), Arlington Oakridge (Avery Pennywell), Austin St. Andrew’s (Kai Canada and Jett Hampton), Houston St. John’s (Vijay Patel and Andrew Sall), Dallas St. Mark’s (Harris Wilson and Davis Bailey), Austin St. Stephen’s (Chiraag Kambalimath) and Fort Worth Trinity Valley (Kinh Pham)

Boys’ Track:

Oklahoma City Casady (William Bennett), Irving Cistercian (Harry Crutcher), Bellaire Episcopal (Jordan Wells, Julius Young, Jaylen Waddle and Kenny Otah), The Episcopal School of Dallas (Nick Greenberg), Fort Worth Country Day (Ben Belton), Addison Greenhill (Jacob Herrscher), Houston Christian (Donovan Jackson and Preston Swiggart), The Woodlands John Cooper (Gregory Groppell, Ebube Oguchi, Tega Ewherido, Thomas Elkhoury, Evan Burchfiel and Eric Grosser), Houston Kinkaid (Noah Chan and Myles Black), Austin St. Andrew’s (Chandon Chhikara, Jack Guttell, Ethan Huie, Pace Renner and Billy Clark), Houston St. John’s (Genson Hooper-Price, August Windham, Sam Faraguna, Samuel Ho, Douglas Parsley, Drew Woodfolk, Will Marx, Collin Fullen, Ian Thakur, Lethan Hampton and Josh Schwartz), Dallas St. Mark’s (Zach Gilstrap, Seun Omonije, Clay Morris, Kit Colson and Daniel Garcia), Austin St. Stephen’s (Jamal January, Crayton Carrozza, Travis Dowd, David Allen, Philip Chang, Cameron Conyers and Shaunak Divine)

Girls’ Golf:

Bellaire Episcopal (Margaret Runnels and Alisia Cruz), The Episcopal School of Dallas (Sofia Weinstein), Dallas Hockaday (Gabrielle Kim, Nyomi Thomas and Ocean Park), The Woodlands John Cooper (Andrea Gomez), Houston St. John’s (Christine Wang, Denise Pan and May McCabe)

Girls’ Lacrosse:

Bellaire Episcopal (Sophia Haugh and Mia Carrabba), The Episcopal School of Dallas (Anna Winkeler, Gianna Pope, Jay Browne and Meg Wilson), Addison Greenhill (Gabrielle Coben, Emma Kaiser and Brooke Allen), Dallas Hockaday (JoJo Gum, Genny Wood, Lizzie Benedict, Margaret Woodberry and Shea Castleman), Houston Christian (Kirsten Cossey), Houston Kinkaid (Belle Martire, Chloe Hunter and Mikela McCauley), Austin St. Andrew’s (Natalie Youngblood and Clara Sherman), Houston St. John’s (Andie Kapiloff, Alexandra Lewis and Audrey Ledbetter), Austin St. Stephen’s (Caroline Ratliff and Ava Mouton-Johnston)


Oklahoma City Casady (Reagan Dahlgren), Bellaire Episcopal (Sarah Venker, Daryn Grams, Lexi Sagers and Amber Hatfield), The Episcopal School of Dallas (Emma Cabrales), Fort Worth Country Day (CJ Landrum, Kathleen Clum and Samantha Burke), Addison Greenhill (Hailey Wetherill and Hannah Reynolds), Dallas Hockaday (Madison Stringfield), Houston Christian (Katie Hartwell and Reagan Broussard), The Woodlands John Cooper (Kaitlyn Harris and Grayson Sloop), Houston Kinkaid (Julia Sanchez, Abriana Nader and Anna Maria Johnson), Arlington Oakridge (Megan Munday), Austin St. Andrew’s (Alyssa Castillo), Houston St. John’s (Laurel McKelvey, Julia Waller and Lauren Harpold), Fort Worth Trinity Valley (McKenzie Clemons and Jenna Milan)

Girls’ Tennis:

Oklahoma City Casady (Isabella Hoppenjans and Hope Bryer-Ash), Bellaire Episcopal (Carolyn Hammond), The Episcopal School of Dallas (Michelle Shen and Sophie Saland), Fort Worth Country Day (Abby Timmerman), Addison Greenhill (Manvi Mittal and Courtney Saqueton), Dallas Hockaday (Mackenzie Brabham and Emma Carr), Houston Christian (Daniella Nassar and Emily Dziedzic), The Woodlands John Cooper (Vandana Venkatesh), Houston Kinkaid (Andrea Le and Ella Brissett), Arlington Oakridge (Abby Brown), Austin St. Andrew’s (Simms Ehrlich), Houston St. John’s (Sophia Huynh, Hannah Johnston and Katherine Johnston), Austin St. Stephen’s (Chloe Lawrence), Fort Worth Trinity Valley (Tate Rosen and Brooke Rosen)

Girls’ Track:

Bellaire Episcopal (Jamie Tatum and Bryana Bazile), Addison Greenhill (Megan Olomu, Katherine Goodwin, Sola Omonije and Kaiti Ness), Dallas Hockaday (Sophie Isom, Rory Finn, Bailey Hollingsworth, Adoette Vaughan, Caroline Forbess, Ellie Newman, Courtney Katz, Parker Hawk, Justice Coutee-McCullum, Isabella Shadle, and Alyssa Taylor), Houston Christian (Esohe Asuen), The Woodlands John Cooper (Obie Amudo, Katie Drake, Uche Oguchi, Ava Minarovic and Madison Breaux), Houston Kinkaid (Marilyn Nwora, Lydia Patterson, Audrey Ho, Nia Caldwell, Alexandra Blake, Ellie Lucke, Emily Moak, Jalen Elrod, Lindsey Ho, Katelyn Gamble, Kennedy Gamble, Alison Favaloro and Emma Sykes), Houston St. John’s (Ciela Stark, Molly Isaac, Catie Beck, Mira Thakur, Mycah Clay, Shelby DesRoches and Mia Guien)

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