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Under The Helmet: Brandeis QB Jordan Battles Builds Offenses and Brick Houses

Jordan Battles is just 15 years old, but has helped lead Brandeis to one of its deepest playoff runs.

SAN ANTONIO – Jordan Battles isn’t old enough to legally drive a car yet. Or vote. Or qualify for AARP. But, he is old enough to drive the Brandeis offense through a tough district and a tough playoff draw. I had a chance recently to sit down with the 15-year old, who is among the new wave of quarterbacks in the San Antonio area and has gone through adversity to get to where he is now.

NOTE: This is a lighthearted fun series, and it was a pleasure to talk with someone of such maturity at a young age.

Greg Sherman: "You told me your mom passed away when you were just six. How did you get through the tough times?"

Jordan Battles: "She’s given me a lot of motivation to do well, and I think about her everyday."

GS: "What is your favorite class in high school?"

JB: "I love geometry and trigonometry. It is very simple and I enjoy it."

GS: "Favorite music?"

JB: "I like hip-hop, and my favorite artist is Drake."

GS: "What about The Who, Peter Frampton, Van Halen and Phil Collins?"

JB: "Who?"

(Note: Westlake’s song when it takes the field to warm up is Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight")

GS: "What is something you like to do besides sports?"

JB: "I love spending time with my two-year old sister, Brooklyn. We like to build things like brick houses."

GS: "What are your college plans?"

JB: "I am undecided, but would like to play football in college. I haven’t picked a major yet."

GS: "What would you like to do after your football playing days are over?"

JB: "I would like to be a commentator or play-by-play broadcaster."

GS: "Would you like my job?"

JB: "Absolutely!"

Battles and the Broncos face Westlake in the state quarterfinals on Saturday evening at the Alamodome. This is fourth time (2014) that the Broncos made the quarters.

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Northside Brandeis High School - Football
Northside Brandeis High School - Football
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