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VYPE Goes Gaming: Fortnite, Ninja making eSports $140 billion industry mainstream

Released in 2017, Fortnite has flipped the script on gaming.

It's the biggest and most mainstream video game in the world and it’s free. However, it’s made over $1 billion in less than a year and has over 120 million players on the planet.

It's controversial. Are teens spending too much time (and money) playing Fortnite? Is the game ruining team sports as kids post up on bean bags, becoming absorbed by this phenomenon?

It's wrecking GPAs, relationships and careers, young and old. It's catnip from adolescents to adults, male and female.

Ok... Ok... Fortnite is NOT single-handedly bringing down mankind, but it's not going away.

Gaming is here to stay... like forever. There are professional leagues. There are college scholarships being earned in gaming. You know it's HUGE when Amazon is involved.

Amazon subsidiary, Twitch, is basically the online network that live streams video gaming and eSports competitions. So when not playing, everyone is tuning in to watch other people gaming to pick up tips.

It’s making names like Ninja, KingRichard and PewDiePie household names. They are making millions of dollars playing Fortnite as hundreds of thousands of people watch on-line.

So what gives? How did this become such a phenomenon?

What’s the next big thing? Where does gaming go from here?

VYPE will be diving into eSports as it engrains itself into the high school culture.


Fortnite is big, but is just a piece of the $138 billion industry that is growing exponentially. Fortnite is tremendously popular, but here are the Top 10 most-played games in the world as of December.

Top 10 Games as tracked by

No. 1 League of Legends

No. 2 Counter-Strike

No. 3 Fortnite

No. 4 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

No. 5 Minecraft

No. 6 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

No. 7 Overwatch

No. 8 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

No. 9 World of Warcraft

No. 10 Grand Theft Auto V


So, those are the most popular games, but who in the world are playing these games to make it nearly a $150 billion business?


So where does it go from here?

It’s a going mobile.

Games aren’t being played as much on PCs and consoles, but on phones. Now kids aren’t just texting anymore, they are gaming. Over 51-percent of gaming is now going down on Smart Phones.

VYPE will be launching a 5-part series on gaming, to include...

The Journey of a Professional Gamer?

What's Trending?

The Female Factor

What's the Future?

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